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Online casinos are one of the main forms of entertainment today. In the past there was a need to move to a specific place at a specific time. With the internet and a cell phone, people can play from wherever they want and whenever they want.

From this, slot machines have established themselves as the most popular game within online casinos, due to their arrival to the casual public.

How to play slots

Slots are the most popular game at online casino but basically the same game was moved from the traditional casino. There are two fundamental differences that can be marked. The first one has to do with the number of rows and reels. In the traditional casino the machines had three rows and three reels.

On the other hand, at an online casino the variants are wider and slots can have five rows and five reels (the most common ones) and there can even be games with eight and eight respectively. The second difference is in the payment lines.

To be a winner in a slot machine, several symbols must match in a certain round, which is called a payline. In classic slots, that payline is straight, while in online slots, the paylines can be many different ways, and it’s hard to find two that are the same.

There are two great advantages offered by online slots. One of them is that there are no waiting times, no rows of players. Since everything is digital, the player can start playing whenever he wants, and the machines are always available, without waiting times or queues.

On the other hand, these games can take advantage of graphic engines and technologies, to provide a more complete audiovisual experience. The designs and themes are almost infinite, most of them with 3D graphics, and different music.

If you try one of the slots at Codere, one of the most prestigious online casinos, you can find endless themes and styles. Among them, the most popular ones are Viking slots, ancient Egypt, the volcanic island of Java and Greek deities.

There are two different types of slots to play. The first are the classic ones, in which the more money you bet, the bigger the prize you can get. Secondly, there are the progressive jackpot slots, which are becoming more popular among players.

This type of machines require longer playing sessions, since the longer the user stays playing, the bigger the jackpot will be, and therefore, the prizes will be higher. Therefore, the player should analyze how much budget he has, and how long he can play, to choose which type of slot suits him best.

Benefits offered by casinos to new players

In response to the demand of the players, there are a lot of casinos online and many are constantly being created. That is why they have to take measures and give certain bonuses to attract new players and keep them on the site. Most of it has to do with bonus shots.

For example, free spins when creating a new account on the site or free spins when making the first deposit. Also, they can give additional shots every certain amount of money deposited, or simply bonus the amount of the deposit, with amounts between 50% and 150%.

Some online casinos also offer the possibility to try out the games for free. This is favorable for new players, who want to get acquainted with the games at the beginning, as well as for more experienced players, who want to try out new games and find out which ones might be the most suitable for them,

Projected growth of casinos in the future

The growth of casinos is not going to stop, but quite the opposite. According to studies, their popularity and number of players will continue to increase in the coming years.

People have taken the new form of entertainment as their main one, with the possibility of doing it from home and in the times they want. In addition, online casinos face fewer legal problems than traditional casinos, and greater ease of access to the mass public. This form of entertainment is here to stay.