Sports Betting Tips

We have always reviewed the best sports betting tips to learn how to bet and to win with your bets, but we were missing a small detail about something that usually happens to first-time betters: getting tired very soon after betting for the first time, because of a bad practice, because we ran out of credit or simply because we got bored.

That’s why it’s a good idea to learn some sports betting tricks that make us think long-term and not get tired of it right from the start.

Follow these sports betting tricks, and in a while you will see how they have paid off. You’ll thank us, you’ll… Let’s start!

Welcome bonus: Read the conditions carefully (before you start)

If you are new to sports betting, when you register for the first time, you will get the Welcome Bonus which, as you know, usually increases your initial income so that you have more balance when you start betting. At Sportium, we double the first deposit of each user with our Welcome Bonus.

This means that a new user who deposits 200 Euros, will have 400 Euros in their betting account to start playing. But… can you just withdraw that money? No. There are some requirements to be met in order to make the first withdrawal, commonly called a Rollover:

Please read all the terms and conditions of the Welcome Bonus before you start betting, and even before you make your first deposit. This way, we won’t be fooled if we have a preconceived idea in our heads that later turns out not to be as we imagined. And we won’t be disappointed even before we start.

Design your strategy

Once you have your account open, and your balance available along with your initial Bonus, it’s time to start betting: choosing which sports and which betting markets we play in. But… do you already have an idea of what to bet on? What odds do you find attractive? Which sports or competitions do you dominate?

There is nothing worse than betting without thinking, because we will surely lose practically everything we play. And losing money is the worst enemy of boredom when it comes to quitting gambling. If you want to win, try to start by knowing, at the very least, which sports you intend to play, and informing yourself a little about how teams and/or players arrive at the matches, who the favourites are, the latest results, etc… so that you can choose your bets wisely.

Don’t despair if you lose

And yet, even if you’ve done your homework and are the most knowledgeable about a sport, match or competition… once, twice, or many times, you will lose the bets you make. Because, my friends… this is a game! Chance plays its part, however small, and sports betting is not an exact science. So losing is part of it.

You have to get used to it and live with it. What you should never do is think that because you lose two, three, or several times in a row, betting is not your thing and you should stop. Leave it if you want… but with patience, illusion and effort, the so desired ‘greens’ always come.

Varies from markets… and sports

This is one of the least seen sports betting tricks, but it’s important. If you are a football, basketball or tennis fan and you don’t get out of it, you will surely live two types of stages constantly in your coexistence with betting: spells in which you will win absolutely all your bets, and others in which weeks will pass without you seeing a single hit.

These second periods are breeding grounds for dropouts. And, on the other hand, always betting on the same sports, teams and markets makes us fall into monotony. So, if you suddenly don’t get the football bets right… why not switch to tennis for a while? New things always generate interest again.

Try the Promotions

Finally, one of the best tricks in sports betting to avoid falling into monotony: check every so often for specific promotions for the different competitions, matches and sports of the moment.

There are always new Promos, and in almost all of them, besides playing in a different way by sticking to the markets and the conditions of the Promotion, you can also benefit from higher profits, something that usually makes us keep the illusion of playing.