Playing in Casinos

The experience in a casino can be several tenors. These venues, similar to big luck magnets, are in charge of making us go from the maximum joy or the most acute pain of pockets. Here you will find part of my experience in them. Tips, observations, technology and a sample of good videos to share gaming experiences

Hope is the last thing that was lost. This sentence sums up my experience in the casinos a bit. The first question that comes to mind when I write about this topic is: How to beat the Casino?

I wish I had the answer so I could say that he who laughs last laughs best. In the Casinos, it’s the opposite.

They are a magnet for the naive, who often think that we have luck on our side, more than once. The system seems to have been designed to make you win, at least once, a significant sum. That alone is enough to make the attraction stronger and stronger.

So is hearing that your friend, co-worker, or, the unknown character, who wins from a million (by sitting on the machine you left because he wasn’t paying) to over 160 million pesos. If he was lucky, why not me?

That’s where another word comes in that is fundamental in every casino: Chance. The craft theory that “the machines are paying” goes very much in line with the level of betting you make. If your bet is low, your maximum prize could be enough to solve the vices that come with it.

You decided to quit smoking the same day you went to the casino? Forget it.

We all try to “manipulate” Randomness in different ways. Here are some tips that might help you on your next visit:

Taking a chance: It’s one of the best ways to beat the casino, or at least tickle it: For gamblers to exist, there must be future winners. We all know that anyone, although depending on the level of betting, can get a great financial reward.

The casino operates under the principle of probabilities and these are explained very well by the Laws of Quantum Mechanics. The problem is when, how and by what means. The probabilities are directly related to the acceptance of them. If we have a percentage of money that we are sure we are going to lose, we can run the risk in unknown machines.

I’ve done it several times, trying to choose with tweezers. Sometimes chance rewards you quickly. Other times, it lets you bleed out, slowly (Many times it will happen to you that you get out of a machine because it was not paying, someone else sits down, makes his first bets and…wins!) So that miserable 1 chance is a thousand times better than 0.

Playing in the machines at the entrance of the venue: They could be favoring the visit of new players. Let’s not forget that Random behaves strangely when it comes to convincing the player that the Casino is a good business, especially when he visits it for the first time.

The first time I entered a casino I won immediately, but just like statistics, we all have the chance to be victims of a robbery or a traffic accident.

It all depends on the value of your bet and the number of lines you play: let’s look at it another way. In the permanent spin of the Slots you will see combinations that “should pay”. And how not, if they are the same figures in rows, combinations and very desirable matches. Instead, nothing.

What happened is that you bet the minimum on Lines. Something similar happens with Betting Value. You manage to win, but a very small amount of credits. What happened? The value of your bet is too low.

Playing under an Outline: Use only the machines at the right ends; the machines related to some theme (mythological beings, TV series, multigames, only new ones, etc.), mentally calculate the times you lose according to a number of moves, so that you leave the machine and don’t keep losing, play only the machines that give sub prizes, for example.

Playing only on the newest machines: Usually casinos are always upgrading their existing machines to the latest technology. This allows better interactivity with the user, along with the high probability that the new machine does not have a large prize history.

Although Casinos have hundreds of machines available for their users, in time you will notice that some pay better than others (in my case, the older or discontinued machines, I have never been paid and I have only seen that in people who make high bets). If you tune your aim well, you can have a factor in your favour.

In addition, the newer technology machines offer new feedback systems, something like more free game options, semi jackpots, special line combinations, more free game alternatives and multipliers, etc.

Set a Time/Investment Game Attitude: This allows us to set a limit on the time or money to be invested. For example, $30,000 pesos (Chilean) in a maximum of one hour (or less). At the end of this time or amount, you must collect your winnings or withdraw.

If the large percentage of gamblers followed this rule, another rooster would crow. You must be determined to stop, collect and fold. If you have lost large amounts of money, all the more reason.

The clock can be your best ally. I could say that this is the most important rule. If you plan to keep investing to recover what you have lost, your options will automatically be against you, by at least 90%.

Choosing a special day to attend: A good example is Sunday. On Saturday night and early morning, casinos receive a lot of bets and visitors, so on Sunday they “might” be loaded.

Ask the Technical Staff: They know from experience which are the highest betting machines, the ones that pay the best, the progressive ones (those that are united in a family and that accumulate a pot), or simply the newest ones. In any case, it will depend on the will of the person you ask.

Using a Process of Observation: Clearer is to say that you have to see how other people’s gaming experience is (looking for the Hot Zone), observing how their bets are going, if the machines are empty, etc. If there are few bettors, chances are they are not in the payout position (even if you get the free games, semi jackpots, etc.)

Before playing, study the machine (Contender): Easy. Put the “Game Info” button and access all the information about jackpots, prizes and types of bets and combinations. This is a useful way to see what will happen if you win. Many times the Machine will call you “Big Winner” to pay you a very austere prize. In time you will learn, just by looking at that information, whether or not you should take a chance.

Raising the stakes after losing more than 4-5 times: The software that manufacturers create will always need to keep the hope of play alive, so it’s very likely that from time to time you will win, even if it’s only small amounts. That’s the feedback that makes the gambler enthusiastic and feel that his time is coming, or, recover from bad plays.